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Stef van der Bijl
Born in Deventert, The Netherlands

With an artist mother and a father working in the automobile industry, Stef got inspired at a young age by art and cars and started drawing and playing with Lego before he could walk.

After the studies Art Academy, Photography and Small Business, Stef started working at the renowned gallery of Droog Design. Inspired by industrial antique and Dutch Design, Stef launched in 2005 his own design initiative in re-using existing materials; vanderBijl design & interior.

Timeless luxury with a raw edge
VanderBijl design & interior prides itself on making timeless pieces inspired by nature and the industrial revolution.

Redesign the existing instead of producing the new
A new design doesn’t necessarily need a new shape. It can be inspired by existing shapes or objects in a new context. Original antique objects are constantly being integrated into vanderBijl designs, which make them even more unique and exclusive. In every piece, handcrafted by vanderBijl, you will find a great passion for old and glorious times together with natural processes like rust and wood. The combination of these characteristics result in a inspiring contrast.

By working strictly with professionals and specialists worldwide, vanderBijl design & interior realizes divergent designs and interiors. DJ booths, cars, boats, lamps, couches, tables and bars. His portfolio is unlimited.




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