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ecopixel - New method for recycling plastics



Composed of 100% Low-Density PolyEthylene (LDPE) that melts at 120°C, ECOPIXEL can be fused an infinite number of times without altering its properties. Never mixing materials to keep a pure mix is thinking about the future of the material because the pure material can be recycled over and over again as it melts together perfectly and maintains the material characteristics. Together with the highly innovative “THIN” mold technology, it recycles existing LDPE at minimum energy loss during the process of transformation assuring sustainability at all levels.

As ECOPIXEL melts in different shapes and colors it appears in different faces and although available in unlimited combinations ECOPIXEL is easily recognizable thanks to its pixelized appearance, even when customized. Each product that is made of ECOPIXEL is unique because the pixels melt together randomly in the production process. ECOPIXEL can be made with flakes of different sizes and shapes defining this way specific designs that respond to specific wishes of each designer or architect. Available in its highly innovative “open-skin” version, ECOPIXEL shows to be a one of a kind, never seen before type of plastics that truly marks a new Epoque in plastic transformation.

ECOPIXEL is a light-weight material that withstands temperatures from -10°C up to +80°C. It is a perfect material for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR products. Its superficial qualities are somehow rough and anyhow matte/opaque. Its quality and appearance largely depend on the shape and size of the initial flakes. The material shows to be tough (not easily breakable) soft to the touch, and strangely natural. Available in translucent (for illumination designs) or opaque variations. ECOPIXEL can be customized to your design mixing the variety of flake-type and shape. Availability of colors depends on real-time material availability and up to your choice percentages of recycled and virgin materials can be mixed.

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